The Sands of Time Through MawMaw’s Eyes


I witnessed my brother get engaged to his awesome fiancee at their baby shower. Our family was there being undignified as we are (we does this with no shame in our game) and her family was there also to support their union. With all the laughs and tears, it was truly a great day. It was about them, but I thought about MawMaw. MawMaw was about to witness her 6th grandbaby get married and see her 6th great grandchild. For most people that may not seem like much, but I thought about our family lineage. I thought about the stories MawMaw has told me of how far our family has come, to have lived through sharcropping, Jim Crow south, a black president and now a Cheeto president. From radio, to talking black and white TV, to color TV’s, to computers, to cellphones, to flat screens, to going live on social media she’s seen so much.

Knowing my MawMaw has seen a lot in her lifetime, I can only imagine her thoughts. Looking at her, I don’t know if they mirrored mine. I descend from this one woman. She gave life to me through her daughter. She gave life to my son through me. Looking around the room I saw MawMaw in each of us. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her prayers. She prayed for us to be here. We are her answered prayers. 

I come from a praying grandma that has survived the worst and had hope for the best. I come from a grandma who held onto Jesus in times when Jesus was all she had to cling to. I come from a grandma who can throw more shade than Yellowstone Park and quote scripture in the same sentence. I come from a grandma who loves hard, even when I don’t understand why. 

I hope to one day live to see the years she’s lived, to see my family grow in undignified love, and to walk with Jesus despite my circumstances. I hope to have lived the years she’s lived to see the future generations of her prayers. I hope to one day be the matriarch of our family that holds us all together the way she does.

Happy Mother’s Day MawMaw


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