How Many Slices of Cheesecake Are Your Dreams Worth?

Now for some, this may make absolutely no sense, but for quite a few of us we remember the infamous cakewalk. It was funny, but mind boggling to think somebody was going to walk in the cold, 12 miles for some cheesecake for their boss, for a record deal. I know, crazy right! Not really. What you thought was the career of your dreams was on the line and the person who held the keys wanted that cheesecake. So what did you do? You put on your Timbs, your fitted, your coat, and got to trucking. 

Looking back at that moment, it reminds me of the drive and determination that’s needed today. Try telling someone today they had to work an unpaid internship, yet their experience they would receive is invaluable. They would probably look at you sideways. If you told them they had to sweep floors and empty trash cans in addition to doing their daily job, they would probably tell you to call a janitor. 

So many are missing the chance to learn how to build and grow from nothing into something greater. Today, we have a plethora of things that allow us to skip vital steps that teach us how to hustle and grind for our dreams. Some have microwaved their way to the top and fizzled out as quickly as they came in. Tools that help us sustain longevity, build character, or appreciate the hard work we put in were somewhere in those steps. 
Maybe we could use a walk across the Manhattan Bridge for some Cheesecake every now and then to remind us that true success does not come easy. Along the way it will get hard, you may look foolish, you may fail, but it will all be worth it. 


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